The objective of growth EQ is to deliver the highest level of service, at a price point that is commercially viable for all parties, whilst operating in a way that is nimble and responsive to the changeable needs of its clients.

High on quality. Lean on costs. Agile in execution. 

Stage 1: Project Launch

Key stakeholders' meeting to establish and understand the brief, define the key selection criteria and agree timeframes around search milestones. 


Market insights based on knowledge and experience will be shared with the stakeholder group. This will include discussions around the number of candidates we are likely to see; the types of challenges we may face and how we can prevent or navigate around these.


Weekly update calls/meetings will be scheduled with the key stakeholders to report on search progress and to ensure continued alignment of expectations.

Stage 2: Long-list Development 

An in-depth candidate identification process will be carried out. This will include rigorous market mapping and obtaining referrals from key individuals from within existing networks. A long-list of target candidates will be formulated and presented to stakeholders.


Stakeholders' feedback from the long-list will be used to 'fine tune' the ongoing long-list development process. 

Stage 3: Shortlist 

Target individuals will be approached, qualified and evaluated. A shortlist will be presented, providing a comprehensive review of each of the prospective candidates.


Candidates will be ranked using a grading system to gain an objective view and to remove unconscious bias.


Soft references will be obtained from the market and included in the shortlist document to further substantiate the candidacy of each of the shortlisted individuals.  

Personality profiling will be carried out on each of the final stage candidates.

Stage 4: Interview Coordination and Offer Management

Interviews will be managed and scheduled, 360 degree feedback will be shared thereafter. Consistent contact with all parties will be maintained to ensure pace and momentum of the search. 

Stage 5: Post-assignment Review

Frequent communication will be maintained with stakeholders and appointee until the individual is settled into their role.